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Bild: Die EVANGELION-ENGEL Mal Anders (550×5025 Pixel)

Hier musste ich schon leicht schmunzeln… doch insgesamt heißt es eher: was für eine gelungene Darstellung ! Großartige Arbeit, wer auch immer sich dafür verantwortlich zeichnet.

Legal Disclaimer: This post is part of the EVANGELION picture special on oliverdsw.wordpress. The pictures used are mostly random webfinds, which have been collected over the years. The overall aim is to preserve good EVANGELION pictures, even though the original sources and authors are often unknown. Important: if you feel that any of the pics shouldn’t be here, please drop us a short note. We will remove them immediately, at least if there is a good reason (copyright issues, you are the owner and don’t want it distributed etc.). Cheers !

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